Your Travel Checklist

A vacation should be a relaxing experience that allows you to hit the recharge button on life. However, financial surprises or difficulties can arise that can put a wrench in the fun. Utilize the below travel checklist to help you plan ahead so that you can save time and reduce any unwanted stress before and during your vacation.

travel planning with notebook and suitcase
  • Set a Travel Notification
    • The reality is, not many people carry cash anymore as we rely on the swipe of a credit or debit card. However, shopping and dining in a new city can raise a red flag to your bank. To ensure your funds are fully accessible, call your bank’s customer service team to alert them of your travel.
  • Pre-pay Your Bills
    • Instead of worrying if you paid the car payment,pay your bills before you leave or enroll in automatic bill pay in advance. You might also want to consider signing up for paperless billing, so you’ll have less paper and mail waiting for you when you return. Online banking also allows you to arrange for automatic payments to be sent while you’re away.
  • Make Copies of Important Documents
  • Before you jet set, make copies of your passport, license, credit cards and other travel documents. Leave one copy with a friend or relative at home and bring the other copy with you. Some even recommend taking photos of these documents and storing them in the cloud or via an online drive so that you can access them from any device if your belongings are lost or stolen.
Illustration of suitcase and airplane
  • Withdrawal Cash
  • Use Mobile and Online Banking
    • When travelling, utilizing your online and mobile banking platforms can be an invaluable way to monitor your money and manage your accounts from almost anywhere. In addition, the financial management tools can show you where and how you’re spending your money in real time to assure you stay on your vacation budget.