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Small Choices You Can Make to Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season

With the Coronavirus still lingering here in the US, your 2020 Thanksgiving probably looks a little different than it has in years past. With many states still urging residents not to travel this holiday season, families are instead hunkering down and keeping gatherings to a minimum.

When planning your meal this year, why not support a local business. Not quite sure how? Take a look at these 4 simple ways that can help make a difference in your community.

1. Support local food markets

Skip the large chain supermarkets and support your local food markets and delis when buying your Thanksgiving Day necessities.  Want to feel extra good about switching to the smaller market this year? Markets usually buy their produce and meat from local farmers, making it a two-for-one special in supporting small businesses! Need another reason?  Depending on the store, some markets may also offer household items you might need to restock on – yes, even toilet paper!

2. Support local bakeries

It’s not Thanksgiving until you bring out the pies for dessert. Luckily, your local bakery can take on the pressure of cooking it to perfection this year. Ordering pies ahead of time and picking them up before, keeps the preparation easy for you on the big day. The pie you buy today, keeps the bakery in business tomorrow.

3. Switch it up this year

If there’s a year to switch up your Thanksgiving Day meal, 2020 is it. Maybe your family doesn’t really love turkey and the mashed potatoes are always a slow mover. Why not take a vote and order takeout from your favorite local restaurant this year. A Thanksgiving without the stress of preparing the food yourself might just be what your family needs.

4. Shop smart

Start your shopping for the holidays by taking a walk downtown and visiting your local shops. Radius Bank offers up to 1.5% cash back on purchases you make using your Rewards debit card. With Hannukah and Christmas right around the corner why not shop locally for presents and use your Radius debit card so it’s rewarding for both you and the small businesses.

Own a small business yourself? Make sure to check out our Tailored checking accounts that provide business owners with an enhanced online business banking experience.

About the author

Eileen Flynn

As the Social Media and Public Relations Coordinator at Radius Bank, Eileen has grown up with the online and mobile banking industry. Eileen writes for other generation Zers and recent college graduates who are balancing both saving and spending and explains how online and mobile banking is there to help.