Mantras To Help You Get Through Covid-19

The last few months have been the most challenging in decades for businesses and individuals. Faced with unprecedented events from Covid-19, including having to temporarily shut down businesses, furlough workers, and face mounting expenses, business owners and employees often felt discouraged and wondered if they could carry on. 

Many were able to push through these challenges because they used mantras or sought advice that kept their mindsets focused and positive. Here are some mantras or advice that you can consider using to get you through your own business challenges: 

“My mantra has been ‘keep your eye on the horizon, we will get through the choppy waters.’ As an organization, we do not want a short-term event, which we hope Covid-19 to be, to affect our long-term goals. This mantra allows us to remain positive and stay disciplined.” — Mike Butler, President and CEO of Radius Bank.

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