How to Earn Cash Back Rewards

It’s important to take full advantage of the benefits your bank offers you. At Radius, our cash back program is available for our Rewards Checking, Champion Checking and our Tailored Checking account clients. Below we explain how it works so this month you too can receive the cash back benefits you deserve!

For our Rewards Checking and Championclients, in order to be eligible, you must have an account opened for at least 30 days. In addition, you must either receive $2,500 worth of direct deposits into your account or keep an average balance of $2,500 or more. If you are a Tailored Checking account client, you must have had an account opened for the last 30 days as well as maintain an average balance of $10,000.

After you become eligible, you are on your way to receiving 1.5% cash back when you shop the following categories: food, entertainment, health and social good.  We also offer 1.00% cash back on everything else!

Need a second to take that in? Every time you are spending money, we make sure you get some of that back. Whether you’re picking up your allergy medicine or heading out to dinner, Radius Bank clients are rewarded for just swiping their card. 

When you use your card online it is automatically charged as credit, however in person you will have to make only signature-based purchases in order to reap the rewards.  Cash back rewards are earned monthly, make sure to check your email for the recap on how much money you get back each month!

Looking to start getting your cash back? Click here to open an account and order your debit card.