5 Steps on How to Transfer Money with Radius Bank from Your Phone

Couple transferring money on their phones in a coffee shop

Mobile banking is a free and easy way to manage your money from anywhere at any time of day! You aren’t restricted by hours of operation and you can monitor your balances and move money between accounts quickly and easily with a few taps of a button.

How to Transfer Funds using Radius Mobile:

1.Log into your Radius mobile app

When you first made an account with Radius, you chose a username and password that will allow you to access your bank details on our mobile app anytime, anywhere. Log in to start the transferring process. Reach out to Customer Service at 800-242-0272 if you need help with your login!

2.Select the “Transfer & Pay” Icon on the bottom of the screen

After you log in there will be four icons at the bottom, ‘Transfer & Pay” is the third icon from the left.

3.Decide what type of transfer you want to make

There are three different options for the Radius user, you can choose a quick transfer, schedule a transfer or make an upcoming payment.

4.Select your accounts according to your transfer

Follow the steps according to the specific transfer you are looking to complete and fill out the necessary information.

5.Just hit transfer!

After all of the fields are filled out, click on the transfer button and your money will begin to be processed*.

Using your phone to transfer cash is one of the easiest and most productive things you can do.. Radius Bank understands the need for online transfers.   Having the ability to send a certain amount of cash to a different account is all available through the mobile app. Not only this, but unlike many other banks, Radius Bank accounts provide unlimited free transfers. Interested in completing your first transfer? Download the Radius mobile app today.

* Internal transfers are immediately processed.  External transfers are posted within 2 business days.  Cutoff times are 9:30PM ET for internal and 1:00pm ET for external transfers.